REVIEW: Benefit POREfessional PRO Balm Primer

REVIEW: Benefit POREfessional PRO Balm Primer

 So I have been absolutely dying to try this product for such a long time now and last week I found myself queuing up to pay in Boots (again) when I noticed a sample of this product sat on a display stand by the tills. After a moment of pondering I decided to just go for it- I have been wanting to test it out for a long while but was never quite willing to pay the full amount (£24.50 for 22ml) just incase I wasn’t keen on the product. And boy, am I glad that I finally decided to pick it up!
I’ve used this sample 4 times now, and I can say that despite the small size (I believe it is 7ml, but I’m not entirely sure) I am yet to feel like I am starting to run out and I think I could get at very least another 3 or 4 uses out of this sample bottle.
I didn’t realise at first but this primer is actually a beige colour, and almost resembles foundation or concealer. The consistency is somewhat similar as well, but blends easily and invisibly onto the skin. A little product goes a long way, which is something I look for in a primer as I use it on an everyday basis, which could get pricy.
I am completely in love with this primer, (as much as I don’t want to be) because it just leaves your skin feeling so good. It’s really light on your skin and doesn’t feel like you have anything on, despite how good a job it does at prepping your skin for your foundation. Whilst I’m still undecided on whether or not it actually helps your make up to stay on longer, it definitely helps it to look completely flawless, which is something I am really enjoying.
Despite the price of the full sized product (and me being a poor uni student) I think I am very likely to go and get my hands on this once I have run out of my sample tube.

8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Benefit POREfessional PRO Balm Primer

  1. rachaelaflood says:

    been uhming and ahhing at this product for the longest time and might actually go out and buy it now 🙂 would love it if you checked out my latest post 🙂 xx

    • c0lourfultears says:

      I haven’t actually used the Porefessional in such a long time now- I desperately need to repurchase it! I haven’t!! I keep meaning to as I’ve seen SO many people talking about it but I’m too scared haha!

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