REVIEW: Hair Xpertise: Argon Oil

REVIEW: Hair Xpertise: Argon Oil

Is your hair feeling frazzled? Split ends giving you a headache? Fear not any longer! This hair treatment is honestly the stuff of dreams.

Now, my hair really wasn’t in it’s best state, after my dying it near enough every colour of the rainbow, bleaching myself to near baldness, and dragging the straighteners through it every day. But now, no word of a lie, it feels oh-so-smooth, and no longer resembles a birds nest! Not only does this product work wonders, but it also smells good, and leaves your hair with this luscious scent for the next couple of days.

This product is an oil, which you apply to your hair whist it’s damp and either leave it to dry naturally or blow-dry to see fabulous results! It really is that simple.

I recently bought this bottle (100ml) for £9.99 in Superdrug, or you can buy a travel sized (10ml) bottle for £2.99 if you fancy giving it a try before you splash the cash on the full sized version.

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