Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette: REVIEW/FIRST IMPRESSIONS


Admittedly, when I heard Real Techniques would be releasing this product my first thought was “Really?”. I was skeptical to begin with- is this really worth the money? To clean my brushes I usually just use baby shampoo and my hands which works just fine. After seeing so many people rave about this though I decided to give it a go and at just £12.99 I didn’t really mind if it wasn’t as good as I hoped it to be.

I am one of those people who constantly puts things off, again and again- Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow. Cleaning my make up brushes is just another one of those things, and I definitely need to do it more frequently. Now I own this product I will 100% be keeping on top it!

I started by squeezing a pea sized amount of the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel (the product came with 2 free trials of the gel) onto the palette and added a tiny amount of water, swirling it around a little so it created a soapy mixture.


I then got to work with my brushes! I found that the middle section was the best for cleaning smaller brushes such as blending, liner and brow brushes, whilst the far right section was best for the bigger ones like powder, buffing and sculpting brushes.

This palette is great for cleaning the smaller brushes. I’m still in that stage with my Rose Gold Zoeva Brushes where I’m scared that washing them is going to ruin them, but this palette and cleansing gel is so gentle that I didn’t need to worry. Despite this, it still gave them a good clean- they now look brand new all over again!

Another massive plus with this product is that it uses a lot less product than you would if you were hand washing, and there’s no need to run the tap whilst doing so, meaning you’re not wasting water!

The only issue I found whilst testing out this product, was that when cleaning bigger brushes- especially my powder brush- scrubbing too hard results in dirty soapy water being splattered all over the sink, so be careful!

The palette is made from silicone which means that it is both flexible and waterproof, and comes with a handle on the back for you to slip your hand into, ensuring you have a tight grip. It is easy for your hand to slip out if it get’s too wet though, so be sure to not hold the palette under the water tap for too long, or dry it with a towel in between brushes. It is also incredibly easy to clean once you’re done- just run it under the tap and watch as all traces of make up runs down the drain.

Overall this product is completely worth the money! It is much quicker, easier and tidier than hand cleaning and I know I won’t stopping using this anytime soon.



Over to you: How often do you wash your make up brushes? Have you tried this product?

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