Urban Decay’s Alice Through The Looking Glass: 4 Looks

The launch of the Alice Through The Looking Glass collection from Urban Decay saw a lot of hype in the beauty world these past few weeks, and here is a few of my favourite looks I have created using the palette! If you haven’t read my review on this palette yet, be sure to check it out here!

Look 1

This was the first look I created using this palette and I do really love it! I used the shade Time in my crease and very quickly realised how pigmented and it was and had to spend forever blending it out. A little product goes a very long way with this eyeshadow so use it sparingly! After I finally got it blended I used Mirror on my lid, and then packed a little of Dream On in the centre. I found that Dream On wasn’t very pigmented at all, so I had to spray my brush with some Mac Fix + in order to get it to show up on my skin! Finally, I took Royal Flush (probably my most used shade in the whole palette!) and put it in my inner corner. This look was really simple to create and is a really nice smokey eye to wear out.

Look 2 

This look is probably my least favourite out of all 4 featured in this blog post but I thought I might as well include it! I used Salazen Grum in my crease, and again, found it very hard to blend. It might just be that I am being too ambitious using very bold colours as a crease colour but I just found it went everywhere. Luckily, it was nothing a cotton bud couldn’t fix, but still a bit annoying! I really love this colour on the lid, but I’m not so sure it works in this look! I then used Cake on my outer V to brighten thing up a bit and make the look a little more bold. Paradox, which is a beautiful bright orange from the Mad Hatter’s section of the palette, went on my lid and I think this colour really brought all the shades together. I created a similar look to this one using a Makeup Revolution palette a few months back, but this one was much more red. I then used Royal Flush as an inner highlight colour (yes, again! I think I use this in all 4 looks oops).

Look 3 

I really love this look as it is a very subtle smokey brown that can be worn for just about any occasion! I know these images aren’t the best quality and it is hard to see the eyeshadow but when I took them I didn’t think I was going to be using them for a blog post, sorry! I used a mixture of Dormouse and Chessboard in my crease, and placed Kingdom on the lid. I took my Mac 217 brush and really blended all three colours together. I then used a tiny bit of Chronosphere on my outer V to try and darken the look a bit, but in the end decided I liked it the way it was! Once again, I used Royal Flush as highlight, and that was the finished look! I’ve worn this one several times since I created it for the first time, and it’s become one of my everyday looks.

Look 4

This final look is my favourite! I love using fun bold colours and this one was definitely bold! I started by running the shade Gone Mad through my crease, and adding a little Dream On to the mix. I then sprayed my brush with Mac Fix + and placed Cake on my lid. I definitely think this shade needs to either be used wet or with a bit of Fix + to maximise the result it gives. I then took Metamorphosis and placed it on my inner corner, and blended it into Cake. I think if I was to create this look again I would use more Metamorphosis as it it just such a pretty colour! I also dragged both Cake and Metamorphosis under my eye to make it bolder and a more intense look.

I still have a lot more playing around with this palette to be doing, and a lot more looks to create, but I hoped you enjoyed seeing some of the ones I have created so far! I think the next look I want to try out is a blue/green using Hatter, Heads Will Roll and Bandersnatch, but I am waiting for a day where I really have the time to be experimenting with those colours seeing as they are so bright!

Over to you: What was your favourite look I created? What looks have you created using the palette? 

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