Mini Make Up For Ever Haul & First Impressions


I went shopping in Westfields with my friends last week and walking past Debenhams I spotted a Make Up For Ever stand. Needless to say I got incredibly excited and spend the best part of 30 minutes inside (sorry Lyss) testing all of the products. I was under the impression that the only place that was currently stocking Make Up Forever in the UK was the Oxford Street Debenhams store but I am very happy to see that the White City one does too!

I only picked up a few bits because I was trying not to go too mad and spend all of my money at once (story of my life) but I was pretty happy with my purchases. Firstly, I picked up the Base Hydrating Primer. I can’t remember if I’ve said it before in one of my previous posts but I have been wanting to try this for the longest time. I religiously use the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation and have been wanting to try it out to see if the primer would help my foundation apply better.

My overall first impressions of this product have been positive. The consistency of this primer is unlike anything I have ever tried before. Usually primers tend to have a silcone-y  feel to them and can be greasy and quite thick. This one isn’t like that at all! It’s so moisturising and hydrating and just feels so lovely on the skin. It’s more of a moisturiser than a primer I feel. I was worried about how well it would work as a primer because I thought that my make up wouldn’t stick to it as well as other primers but I haven’t noticed this being the case. At the time of writing this I’ve only used it twice so I can’t properly comment on how good it is, but so far I’m really liking it! My one issue with it is that it dries very quickly so can be hard to really blend into your skin, but you just have to work fast. I do feel like it creates a nice base for your foundation and it must be doing your skin a world of good in the process. I recommend giving it a try if, like me, you have dry skin.

The other two products I picked up were the Aqua Liners. I have heard so many people talk about how great these eyeliners are and I definitely agree with the hype! I picked up the black colour and a really pretty blue colour too. With a black liner you can’t really go wrong, and this is one of the blackest eyeliners I have ever owned! It is so pigmented and smooth to apply. The brush is really nice too- you can get super close to the waterline and it’s super thin too so you can get a really nice precise line. Sometimes I find that eyeliner brushes can be really flimsy and bendy which makes it incredibly hard to get a nice sharp line but this definitely not the case. It is also very easy to remove which is a massive plus as sometimes eye make up can be really stubborn. Having said that, this eyeliner has some insane staying power. When I swatched these on my hands in the shop they stayed on ALL day- and I was out for a good 8 hours. When I got home I tried to wash it off with water and they wouldn’t budge- didn’t even smudge!

The blue colour on the other hand is a lot harder to remove. The few times I have used it I found that it stained my skin a little after using my micellar water to remove it, but after washing my face and completing my whole skincare routine it had gone. Nothing too extreme, but is still a little annoying! I’ve been using the blue to add a little pop of colour on my eyeliner flicks and I’ve had so many compliments on it!


These eyeliners retail at £16 point each which is pretty pricey but I personally think they are more than worth the money! I’ve been eyeing up the purple one as well, so I might treat myself to that next time I am in Westfields. I have found that these eyeliners have really helped me to get a great wing so if you are one of those people who struggle to perfect your cat-eye I definitely recommend these products!


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable the dog filter on snapchat is?! (also how good my eyeliner went on that day)

Over to you: Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite Make Up For Ever products?

4 thoughts on “Mini Make Up For Ever Haul & First Impressions

  1. Kimberly Starr says:

    I actually really like the fact that no matter what the post is, you always demonstrate a makeup look you did with the product you’re reviewing at the time. I know a lot of bloggers tend to not do it, myself included, so I can really appreciate the fact that you do. And I’m also binge-reading your blog right now. Loving it!

    • c0lourfultears says:

      Thank you so much! I do like to include a picture so you can all see what I’m talking about but sometimes it’s difficult to take good pictures and I’m not that great at make up either haha! I’m really glad you like my posts- thank you!!! 🙂

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