Massive Make Up Geek Haul


I have seen a lot of hype surrounding Make Up Geek on the beauty scene for a long while, and I thought it was about time I finally checked them out. As most things, Make Up Geek is a brand that isn’t the easiest to get hold of in the UK, but I found that Beauty Bay were stocking some of the colours. Naturally as soon as I started browsing the website I found myself unable to stop adding colours to my basket and before I knew it I’d ended up with this huge haul!

Before I get into the eyeshadow, I just wanted to take a moment to once again talk about how great Beauty Bay’s customer service is. I qualified for free next day delivery with my order, and was handed my package the next day. Unfortunately, one of my eyeshadows arrived smashed,  but after contacting them they arranged for another one to be sent out to me and once again, it was with me the very next day. I can’t rave enough about the Beauty Bay and if you live in the UK I would very much recommend that you check them out!


From Left to Right: Pillow Talk, Caitlin Rose, Masquerade, Blacklight, Wisteria and Hotpants. I had heard that Pillow Talk was a dupe for MAC’s Satin Taupe which is a colour that has been on my wishlist for the longest time, and whilst I can’t comment on how similar they are, I am definitely loving Pillow Talk! Blacklight is the most amazing duo-chrome shade- a mix between silver, purple, pink- I can’t even find a way to describe it! I’ve been using it as an inner highlight and I just think it looks so pretty! I was slightly disappointed with Caitlin Rose and it is not nearly as pigmented as I was expecting it to be, but it is still very pretty. Wisteria and Hot Pants are both very pinky shades, something that I don’t usually go for but I have found that they both work so well together!


From Left to Right; Bitten, Burlesque, Cherry Cola and Roulette. Bitten was the colour that I was most excited about buying and so far I have found I have a very love-hate relationship with it. I have been really enjoying brown-red smokey eyes lately, and this is the perfect colour to give it a bit more of a reddy tone. It is however quite harsh and I sometimes find it hard to properly blend, but I am sure that it is something I will get better at with practise. Roulette is a really nice shade, and when I bought it I was really expecting to love it that much because I thought it would be just your bog standard coppery colour but I am really enjoying it, and it is SO pigmented.


From Left to Right; Mermaid, Poolside and Neptune. I have been very keen on bold, bright make up lately- especially blues and purples- so I just had to get my hands on some of these! Mermaid is a lot more green than what I was expecting but it is still super nice! I was disappointed with Neptune as it really doesn’t seem very pigmented at all, but I’m sure once I use it along with other shadows it’ll look much better.

I also bought a Large Z Palette that holds 27 (I could be wrong) eyeshadow pans as I needed a place to put them all, and I also have several other eyeshadows that need deporting. I was a little skeptical at the idea of the Z Palette as I thought that the eyeshadow pans would be sliding about all over the place and would fall out easily but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case at all! I think it is a really clever and easy to way to keep all your eyeshadows in one place.

Alongside my Make Up Geek order, I also purchased the Small Fan Brush from Spectrum Cosmetics and I am IN LOVE. It applies my highlighter so nicely and the brush itself is so pretty! It only cost £5 as well so very inexpensive. I will definitely be purchasing some of the other brushes in the collection!


This is one of the make up looks I created using Bitten, Cherry Cola, Burlesque, Roulette and Blacklight and I absolutely love it!

I tried out this look yesterday (right after dying my hair!) and I really liked that too. I used Pillow Talk, Caitlin Rose, Masquerade and Blacklight.

Over to you: Have you tried any Make Up Geek products? What are your favourites?

5 thoughts on “Massive Make Up Geek Haul

  1. Kimberly Starr says:

    I have been wanting to get my hands on some Makeup Geek products for so long! And after reading this, I’m definitely going to need to pick up “Bitten” and “Mermaid” as well. Great post! 🙂

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