Current Go-To Eye Make Up


Since I dyed my hair purple last year, I’ve been obsessed with purple eyeshadow. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about matching your make up with your hair. My current go-to make up look, one that I find myself wearing most days is this purple look which I absolutely love. Each time I wear it I get so many compliments too, which is always nice!

fullsizerender-1Each time I create this look, I tend to use slightly different shadows, ranging between my Morphe 35P Palette, and some of my Make Up Geek shadows. For this particular look, I started with the Morphe 35P, but as they don’t have shadow names (a huge pet peeve of mine) I can’t specify which ones exactly but I’ll do my best to explain.

I ran the 4th shade in on the top row through my crease, followed my overlaying this with MUG’s Wisteria. Next up I took the 4th shade down on the 2nd row to my outer V, running it about halfway through the crease also to darken the eye and attempt to create a smokey effect. Using the bright purple shimmer in the Morphe 35P on my finger, I dabbed this on the middle of my lid, followed by MUG’s Masquerade. I then ran both these shades onto my lower lash line also. Finally, I took MUG’s Blacklight – honestly my absolute favourite eyeshadow ever- in my inner corner and also used it to highlight my brow bone.


Note how pretty this highlight is- another post featuring this is headed your way soon!

Super easy and doesn’t take long at all, but has quickly become my favourite eyeshadow look. When I’m going out to the pub or a party or something I usually tend to stick some pink or
purple glitter from Nyx in the center of my lid too to really make it something special!


Another version of the purple look using slightly different shadows- plus glitter to make it something special!









Over to you: What is your current go-to eyeshadow? Have you experimented with any purples lately?